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Clean Your Cooktop With Cooktop Cleaner
over 1 year ago

Glass cooktops give a smooth, consistent surface that warms uniformly and takes into account fast cleanup. Stained glass can be caused by spills and nourishment left to sit too long. The warmth from the burners can consume the sustenance onto the surface and make cleaning more difficult. Cooktop cleaners are uniquely detailed to evacuate expel extreme stains without scratching or harming the glass cooktop surface. Clean your cooktop not long after each utilization to counteract stains and staining.

Glass cooktop ranges look beautiful, yet they can be difficult to clean. The best cooktop cleaner must be sufficiently solid to evacuate consumed on nourishment without scratching the sensitive surface. Goddard's Glass Cooktop Cleaner is uncommonly defined to delicately and rapidly evacuate the hardest consumed on sustenance from glass cooktops without scratching.


While still warm, expel prepared on spills with a sodden fabric or sponge. A cooktop scrubber can be used on the ceramic glass.

Whenever cool, apply Cooktop Magic to dirtied zones and rub overwhelmingly with sponge instrument. Try not to utilize sponge utensil on stainless steel, utilize a delicate fabric.

Evacuate all deposit with a soggy fabric.

While still soggy, clean surface to a splendid complete with a paper towel.

After utilize, clean the sponge instrument under running water.

To stay away from changeless surface harm.

Allude to your apparatus manual before using Cooktop Magic.

Try not to use sponge on print and signs.

Use Cooktop Magic after each time you cook.

Not to be used on Cast Iron Hotplates. If you don't mind, use Hotplate Magic.

Ceramic Glass Care

Never slide your pan over the surface as this will cause scratches.

Try not to utilize aluminum or copper based cookware as it might leave a metal buildup at first glance.

This buildup can consume onto and forever recolor your ceramic glass cooktop.

Continuously cook with a level based pot/dish of comparable size to the component.

Cleaning your give screens Cooktop Magic

Apply item to shower screen.

Rub enthusiastically with delicate fabric.

Clean to a splendid sparkle with the paper towel or delicate fabric.

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